Our Company

COM.EN.CO. provides specialized technical services on rotating equipment for Oil & Gas and Power Generation industry worldwide since 1990. The company's experience and ability to provide technical solutions have led to the successful management of numerous installations and modernization projects, and the provision of innovative and unique engineering solutions to Oil & Gas and Power Generation customers as well.

COM.EN.CO.'s flexible and customer oriented organization is able to meet high demanding project requirements, leveraging its multidisciplinary capabilities, dynamism and efficient management of human resources.
Furthermore, COM.EN.CO. is able to offer as unique interface with Customer a complete menu of integrated services such as:

  • Field Service contracts and Service Maintenance agreements
  • Expert knowledge and Field Service Support
  • Technical evaluation
  • Problem solving solution
  • Specialized support service
  • Providing a "One Stop Service" 24/7
  • Automation & Control(Upgrading, Retrofitting and Revamping on control systems and instrumentation) learn more
  • Training (Multicustomer, Customized on field or on Web) learn more

  • Adding our 20+ years rotating equipment experience to your Operation and Maintenance

    Main References

    COM.EN.CO. has developed since 1990 a proven track record of successful references in a wide range of applications worldwide.

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    Europe - 1997

    ACEA - ROME - ITALY 90MW Gas turbine plant for power generation
    Management of the plant start-up and of the functional interface with the high voltage substation of the national network. Pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up of the electrical and instrumentation plants.

    NUOVO PIGNONE - WORKINGTON - UK 110MW Combined cycle cogeneration plant
    Electrical commissioning and synchronization on the national network.

    SARLUX - SARROCH (CA) - ITALY 340MW Combined cycle cogeneration plant.
    QA/QC certification production, resources scheduling and coordination, industrial cost accounting, erection supervision and electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, fireproof, process start-up. Coordination and running of the medium voltage emergency group and related auxiliary systems.

    SONDEL - BOFFALORA SOPRA IL TICINO - ITALY 1100MW Combined cycle cogeneration plant
    Erection assistance, commissioning and start-up of the process and instrumentation systems.