Electric Generator Replacement c/o the Dphar Cogeneration plant of Anagni

Monday 24 October 2016 at 5:55 pm

COM.EN.CO. continuing its activities under the service maintenance agreement for mechanical maintenance, instrumentation/control and electrical completed the replacement, controls and commissioning, together with the manufacturer, of the Electric generator of the Dphar Cogeneration plant of Anagni (FR).
Under the supervision of COM.EN.CO. personnel, was removed the old generator, has been installed and aligned with the laser equipment new Generator, have been carried out all of the controls on the instrumentation, on the electrical / protection, it was made the supervision on start-up of the the unit that has been successful.
Together with these operations and the shutdown the COM.EN.CO. personnel has done the annual boroscope inspection on turbine (GE / 5 B-1) required by maintenance procedures and other routine checks on the unit.

Revamping of the Dphar Cogeneration plant placed in Anagni (FR)

Tuesday 09 February 2016 at 4:22 pm

COM.EN.CO. concluded, with success and satisfaction of the maintenance manager, the revamping of the Dphar Cogeneration plant placed in Anagni (FR).
The mechanical activities carried out by COM.EN.CO. focused on dismantling the turbine package (GE/5 B-1) and the auxiliary gearbox through the specific equipment, provided by manufacturer, and the subsequent replacement (after the revision done by the manufacturer) of the auxiliary gearbox only.
In the matter of the turbine, it has been installed a new unit by the manufacturer, while on the disassembled turbine a general revision has been carried out at a specialized workshop, always under COM.EN.CO.’s supervision.
The Turbine will be used in the future as a spare machine. COM.EN.CO.'s activities also included the instrumentation and control part, dismantling of all field instruments, their control and calibration and the subsequent replacement on the package.
COM.EN.CO. supervised the control phase and reviewed all the auxiliaries of the turbine.
COM.EN.CO. signed a Service and Maintenance Agreement with the Anagni’s plant Maintenance Manager for the supervision of mechanical maintenance, instrumentation and control for the next two years.